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Thank you for your interest in Heads Up Racing. Currently we have advertising space on our Heads Up race car. We have been racing and building race motors for 20 years, We know what it takes to drive and build a winning race car.

In 2000, our Outlaw Street Camaro set a world record time of 6.83-211.16. In 1998 we did an advertisement with Extreme Motorsports, In October 1995, we did a Ĺ hour interview/show with Motor City Wheels', Top Hat John, which featured our race car. We currently race at Milan, Ubly, and Lapeer on a regular basis, The 2007 season looks to be very exciting and Heads Up racing is striving to be in the winnerís circle many times this year.

We are currently looking for a major sponsor to go racing at the level it takes to win! We want to go Pro Street Car  racing NMCA style. If you would like to see our race shop & meet with us, contact Heads Up Racing at (586) 461-0099

Thank You,

Bruce Kimmen
Heads Up Racing





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